Our Story

This business started as a dream over 30 years ago in la Colonia Tovar, a little German town in Venezuela.

This town was founded in 1843 by a group of German immigrants, mostly from the Grand Duchy of Baden, for a long time the town was isolated from its nearby cities, so it grew to be a piece of Germany in the Caribbean.

Now we have moved, and our dream continues in Douglasville, Georgia.

Our Artists

Vicente is a ceramic artist living and working in Douglasville, Georgia. His passion for pottery started over 30 years ago in Venezuela, his home country. Where he decided to move to a small town called La Colonia Tovar. This little German town was where he started doing ceramics and met Flor, his future wife.

They started a pottery business together, drawing inspiration from nature, and creating beautiful pieces. Now they have moved, and their dream continues in Georgia.

Vicente takes care of the production processes, while Flor runs the day to day business and hand-paints the pieces. They both work together to create functional artworks intended for daily use. The entirely handmade nature of their pieces makes them truly special and unique.


Our Process