Our products are made from stoneware; this is a “mid-fired” clay that makes our pieces   robust and chip-resistant.  We use top quality East Coast clays for all of our products.

Wedging and Throwing

Wedging is the technique of mixing and rolling clay to eliminate air bubbles.
After the wedging a pottery wheel is used to throw (shape) the pieces

Carving and trimming

After letting the pieces dry for a certain amount of time, they go back to the ceramic wheel to trim their bottoms. The carving of the pieces and the adding of the handles also take place at this stage

Bisque Ware

The first firing of the clay, removes all the water, and carbon. Even though the porosity is greatly reduced, the clay is still porous enough to allow for glaze absorption.

Painting and Glazing

Our pieces are glazed, either by immersion or dripping, with our own special recipes. We also use underglazes to create our nature inspired hand paintings.

Glaze Ware

The second firing of the clay, is set to a higher temperature than Bisque. It fuses the glazes into a solid, non-porous state, this process is known as vitrification.